UNI 102 - Environmental Studies Session 1 (2012)

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

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Environmental Studies session 1
Connections to Place: Exploring our Local Landscape
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Community Mapping | session 1 | session 2


Instructors: Dr. Brenda Beckwith (Environmental Studies Senior Lab Instructor) & Ken Josephson (Community Mapping Initiative; Geography - Cartographer, Graphic Designer/Artist)


How human cultures and landscape co-evolve over time (ethnoecology), emphasizing the interrelationships that people had, and continue to have, with their local environment.


Reverse Graffiti Hits the Streets of Porto Alegre, Brazil by Cameron Scott, 06/15/10 Reverse graffiti — removing paint or dirt from a wall to create a pattern — is a hot trend internationally, and many cities have had a hard time figuring out how to handle it legally. Inhabitat reader Aislan pointed us to this cool video of graffiti artists removing exhaust on the tunnel walls to write “For a Clean Porto Alegre.” Police show up, hear the invisible inkers make their case, and end up shielding them from traffic while they work! Is reverse graffiti the same as conventional graffiti, since removing the images can be difficult? It ought to depend on whether paint, or just car exhaust, is removed, and whether the reverse writing is potentially offensive. Police in the fast-growing Brazilian city of Porto Alegre seemed to agree when they came upon these reverse taggers at work in a traffic tunnel. Vehicles are the biggest source of air pollution in Porto Alegre, so the message is right on target.

Reverse Graffiti

How to start a movement: Derek Sivers on TED.com

Weird, or just different? Derek Sivers TED.com

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