GEOG 404 Space and Power

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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a future indigenous Toronto

A few links and resources shared with Jennifer Mateer's Space and Power class, GEOG 404, fall 2018

Beyond Manahatta
The Welikia Project creates a virtual reality of pre-1600 Manhattan

An Indigenous future for Toronto
Nature reclaims the city in director Lisa Jackson's room-scale VR experience

Reimagining Attawapiskat
Youth driven stories of what life is like

Kyle Plant 2012

Quimper's Expedition of The Strait of Juan de Fuca
Acts of Possession

On This Spot a new way to experience history
On this spot

The Many Perspectives of Tod Inlet (SṈIDȻEȽ)
by Heather Scott

The Provincial Court of British Columbia
Intent City, Victoria BC, March 2016

Fernwood Community Green Map
daylighting of Rock Bay Creek

Landscapes of Injustice
displacement and dispossession of Japanese Canadians

UVic historical cartographic collections



Colonial Despatches
transcriptionsofcomplete correspondence between the British colonial authorities and successive governors of Vancouver Island and British Columbia colonies

Shorelife Victoria
Reflections of life by the sea in Beautiful Victoria BC


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