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Installing SAGA

Though SAGA GIS is a Microsoft Windows program, SAGA can also be run on a macOS by using Wine, using the following procedures:

  1. In order for Wine to work, XQuartx, an open-source version of macOS's window manager, first needs to be installed
  2. Download wine Installer package file & Install
  3. Download SAGA 32 bit exe file <saga-6.1.0_win32_setup.exe> (Download starts automatically)
    • Right-click <saga-6.1.0_win32_setup.exe> file 
    • Cancel window popup when prompted "Wine Mono Installer" & "Gecko Installer"
    • Setup wizard SAGA
      • Browse for location (instead of C drive - put in > Users > UserName > Applications > SAGA GIS
  4. To open SAGA GIS, right click <saga_gui.exe> file in Applications folder (or wherever it was downloaded - Use Finder Search) > Open with Wine​
  5. To close SAGA GIS, use SAGA Menu File > Exit > Yes ... Wine also closes automatically
Note: Be sure to save work often in case SAGA becomes unstable running on the Mac. (Some users suggest keeping SAGA open until project is finished to prevent any potential problems.)

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