Uni 201 - The Art of Place: Role of Community-based Art in Academia (2010)

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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This Uni 201 course, The Art of Place: Role of Community-based Art in Academia, is open to Graduates of Uni 101/102, and will be taught by Dr. Brenda Beckwith (UVic Environmental Studies) and Ken Josephson (UVic Geography), on Tuesdays, August 10 - 31, 2010, from 6:30 to 9 pm, in SS&M Building, Board Room B211/215. Tuesday, August 3, will be a movie night, viewing Christo & Jeanne-Claude's "Umbrellas", a documentary about the Oct 1991, 18-day temporary installation of 3100 blue & yellow umbrellas in landscapes throughout areas of Japan and California.

Brenda Beckwith Ken Josephson
Brenda Beckwith & Ken Josephson
(Photos by Wendy Anthony)

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Topic Overview: Community-based art can be effective and highly meaningful to both the people who create it and those who view it. Either way, it’s through the experience of connecting with these environmental art projects that can bring communities together and foster a “sense of place.” Furthermore, art that is not curated and is created through a collaborative process can promote a sense of empowerment among the participants and can lead to social and environmental change. This course will be an exciting romp through the world of community-based environmental art. Does it have a place within academia on a university campus? Over the course of four classes we’ll focus on themes such as building community through collaborative art projects, development of personal sense of place, and empowerment made through enhanced connectedness to the environment and to each other. Each class will be divided into two parts: first will be an interactive session where we will discuss the process of making community-based art from creative conceptualization through to the realization of a formal proposal; and second will be an experiential, or hands-on, session where we will design and create a community art project together. Students should come to class prepared be active, get dirty, and walk outside. In addition to staying up-to-date on class readings and resources, students also will be expected to work on, and contribute to, the community art project outside of class. For more info: Contact Becky or Caitlin at 250-361-7014 or uni101@uvic.ca See examples of some Community-Based Art done with previous Community Mapping groups at Mosaics From Castings

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