Squamish Seniors Community Map (2007)

Objectives: To process the data from the Squamish seniors community mapping workshop and create a paper map. The map will be designed to fit on a tabloid (11" x 17") sheet of paper. It will be monochromatic and double sided.

Phase 1: Workshop and Data Collection

  • Maeve instructions
  • Mapping Workshop


Phase 2: Digitizing Data (Current Phase)

  • Obtain shape files of roads and water features for basemap.
  • Points of interest from workshop recorded in ArcMap as point layer.
  • Point Layer data table exported into Excel Spreadsheet.
  • Created Draft layout in ArcMap displaying all the points of interest, legends and general layout.


Phase 3: Data Review

  • Send hardcopy of draft layout and excel spreadsheet to Squamish for review and additional input by community members.
  • Adding/Removing locations that were missed or are not appropriate.
  • Spatial Correction of current locations. Are points in the right locations?
  • Review of current categories. Both the categories themselves and the points allocated to each category.
  • Add descriptive information to points of interest.
  • Return reviewed data to Victoria.


Phase 4: Edit Data

  • Add new points of interest and descriptive data to ArcMap.
  • Make suggested changes to original point locations in ArcMap.


Phase 5: Cartographic Enhancement

  • Import data into Adobe Illustrator.
  • Adjust line work and shading schemes.
  • Replace points with greenmap symbols.
  • Replace auto labels with individual labels.
  • Export map to pdf format and print hardcopy.


Phase 6: Cartographic Review

  • Send hardcopy of map to Squamish for review and input on aesthetics from community members.
  • Find additional photos or artwork.
  • Critique layout, shading schemes and text elements.
  • Return map to Victoria with suggestions and critiques.


Phase 7: Cartographic Editing

  • Integrate feedback from community members into cartographic design.


Phase 8: Publication

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