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Thursday, March 14, 2019



ArcGIS Story Map Tutorials
Sustainable Cities
Karst Geomorphology


ArcGIS story maps

What's the RUSH Summer 2024 (Resilient Urban Systems and Habitat)


Other Student Projects

Intent City, Victoria BC, March 2016

Daylighting Rock Bay Creek

Islands Kyle Plant 2012

Quimper's Expedition of The Strait of Juan de Fuca Acts of Possession



Colonial Despatches

Shorelife Victoria
Reflections of life by the sea in Beautiful Victoria BC

Guerrilla Cartography - downloadable atlases

1928 Airphotos of Victoria

City of Victoria: GIS gallery of maps

Historical Maps city of Victoria BC

CRD Regional Map  an interactive map of the CRD region, with various data layers.

VicMap - an interactive map of the city of Victoria, with various data layers as well as a gallery of thematic maps.

Land Trender app - this app creates animations of vegetation loss or gain over time 1980s to present, worldwide.

Native Land Territory, Language and Treaties Map. was created in 2015 by Victor Temprano, a settler hailing from Okanagan territory. Native Land Digital is a Canadian not-for-profit organization, incorporated in December 2018.

First Peoples Cultural Council, art and language map of BC.

Other cool visualizations

Beyond Manahatta

Virtual reality film imagines an
Indigenous future for Toronto
Nature reclaims the city in director
Lisa Jackson's room-scale VR experience

Youth driven stories of what life is like
Reimagining Attawapiskat

The Nature Conservancy

On This Spot app
On this spot



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