Editing or resizing images using PIXLR

Pixlr.com Pixlr is an exceptionally powerful online resource that offers a wide range of tools for image editing and manipulation, all for free. It is easy to use and mimics the layout of the original Photoshop software, which means that users of one of the two resources will not be completely left in the dark by the other. There are two editing program options available on the Pixlr website for public use: Pixlr Image Editor, and Pixlr Express. Pixlr express is highly intuitive and does many of the functions of pixlr in a short amount of time. Pixlr image editor is relatively more complex, but still remains quite intuitive. Privacy Pixlr is an excellent choice if you or your group are concerned with retaining use and redistribution rights for your content. Because the software is flash based, most of the photos are not actually uploaded to the company’s servers, but are rather put straight onto your personal web browser. As they are not on the Pixlr server, they retain no rights to use them. In the few cases where images may end up being unwittingly uploaded to the servers for specific functions in the editing process, they are deleted within two hours or as soon as it is commercially viable. Terms of service can be found here: http://pixlr.com/terms_of_service/ More information on privacy can be found in the FAQ: http://pixlr.com/faq How to resize: Images should optimally be resized to a maximum size of 4 by 600, meaning that the largest side of the image can only be a maximum 600 pixels in length. On Pixlr express: -Click on the "Basic" tab on the editing panel -Select Resize -Enter desired value -Apply On Pixlr image Editor: -Click on the "Image" menu form the menu bar at the top of the frame -Select "Image Size from the drop down menu. -Enter desired value -Apply

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