Community Mapping-II Course - 4-pt (2009)

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Monday, October 19, 2009

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Monday, November 9, 2009

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Social Science & Math Building, Room A215 / 153

Community Mapping II: Moving Your Mapping Project Forward

Continuing Studies: ASSD003 2009F C01 Community mapping enables people to capture the power of place and the potential for change. Building on the concepts, examples and material provided in Community Mapping I: Community Mapping for Sustainable, Vibrant Communities, this four-part series delves deeper into the methodological and technical details of engaging community using maps. Learn innovative methods to make your mapping project a success. Build your capacity in leading mapping sessions and in making good surveys. Learn how to build a layered print/poster map. Get hands-on experience editing and adding multimedia files to an online map system. Community Mapping I is not a prerequisite but is recommended. Mapping Our Common Ground booklet available for an extra $15. Supported by the Department of Geography and the Office of Community-Based Research. Subsidies available for individuals and community groups through the Vancouver Foundation-funded CBR Capacity Building Project. Limited number based on need. Please call 250-472-4747 for information.

Instructors: Ken Josephson Ken Josephson is a cartographer and graphic artist in University of Victoria’s geography department. Community green mapping and visioning, participatory design and community art engagement are current passions. Maeve Lydon Maeve Lydon is an educator and community developer working with the Office of Community-Based Research at the University of Victoria. She is a founder of Common Ground and is on the International Advisory for the global Green Map System. Charles Burnett Charles Burnett is a landscape ecologist and geomatics consultant with MapsWest Consulting, an adjunct professor in University of Victoria's geography department and coordinator of the Common Ground Community Mapping Project.

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"Synopsis: Charles Burnett led a seminar on tools and tricks for getting community-mapped data collected and disseminated. Ken Josephson booked us the fine undergraduate Mac Lab in the SS&M Building on UVic's campus. Maeve Lydon wrapped the course up with a Head/Heart/Feet feedback session."

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