A list of content to showcase some of the finished Projects, Community Mapping Courses, Green Maps etc associated with UVic's Community Mapping Collaboratory.

Shelbourne Corridor Action Plan (2014)

The Saanich Planning Department contacted the Community Mapping Initiative to facilitate community outreach and engagement for the Shelbourne Corridor Action Plan. The intent of the Plan is to develop, in consultation with the community and other stakeholders, a comprehensive, long range (20 to 30 year) vision for an area 500 m on either side of Shelbourne St. from North Dairy Road in the south to Feltham Road in the north.

Fernwood Fruit Tree Project (2007)

Starting in the summer of 2007, Fernwood Fruit Tree Project participants will harvest fruit and berries from trees and bushes in our community that would otherwise go to waste. The food will be distributed equally amongst home owners, volunteers, food banks and community organisations.

This project is part of the Fernwood NRG Harvest Project, a project that promotes local food sustainability. We will be putting on canning, preserving and drying workshops in the fall of 2007 so community members can enjoy local food all year round.

Cowichan Valley Community Green Map (2009)

The Cowichan Valley Land Trust (CVLT) is creating a Green Map. The Community Mapping Collaboratory has been helping out with advice and instruction. Maeve Lydon, Ken Josephson and Charles Burnett gave a one-day workshop in November 2008 in Duncan, Charles followed up with a 1-day technical workshop in February 2009 and Ken with two workshops in July and September.


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