A list of content to showcase some of the finished Projects, Community Mapping Courses, Green Maps etc associated with UVic's Community Mapping Collaboratory.

Geog 355 & Geog 219 Unique Places of BC Map (2011)

Check out videos made by UVic Geography students exploring the unique places and issues of British Columbia.

In GEOG 219 students' videos consider multi-perspectives on major social and environmental issues in the province, while in GEOG 355 students study coastal communities and produce videos elaborating the themes of "sense of place" and community resilience.

Geog 355 & ES 481 Water, Resilience and Sense of Place in Victoria (2013)

Stories from Geog 355 and ES 481 Students

GEOG 355: As part of their Spring 2013 "coastal communities" course, UVic Geography students researched and produced short videos exploring the past, present and future of various sites along Victoria Harbour. In particular the videos detail some of the vulnerabilities and opportunities with respect to resilience in the face of climate change and other potential threats.

Dedicated to Georgia Klap, UVic Student, who passed away this term and was not able to complete her project. May she rest in peace.


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