Create a UVic Website

Contents: File transfer | Webpage code

Every UVic student, staff and faculty has an opportunity to create their own web page/site on the UVic server, with 1GB webspace to host files, webpages, research, etc.

Based on your netlinkID, your website address would be

Editing or resizing images using PIXLR Pixlr is an exceptionally powerful online resource that offers a wide range of tools for image editing and manipulation, all for free. It is easy to use and mimics the layout of the original Photoshop software, which means that users of one of the two resources will not be completely left in the dark by the other. There are two editing program options available on the Pixlr website for public use: Pixlr Image Editor, and Pixlr Express.

VUE: Create a Static Background Layer for Interactive Map

My UVic Community Network

An Interactive Map With Photos, Weblinks, & a Google Earth Background
Uni 102 Community Mapping assignment by Wendy Anthony - Feb 2010

This map has a static map (could be any photo) as a background layer. The top layer is interactive, with many clickable links opening up in a new browser window.


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