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Tall Oregon Grape

Tall and Low Oregon Grape (Mahonia aquifolium)

Common name(s): Tall or Low Oregon grape

Scientific Name(s): Mahonia aquifolium

Island Hullkemel’em Name(s): suni'ulhp (Downriver/Island); suliyulhp (Upriver)

Family: Berberidaceae

Caution(s): None.


Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

Common Name(s): Yarrow



Scientific Name(s): Achillea millefolium


Hullkemel’em: tl’uleqw’ulhp (Down river); xewuqel (‘carrotlike') (Upriver)


Family: Daisy


Caution(s): None

GEOG 355 Coastal Communities (2011)

Here's some resources from Cameron Owens'GEOG355 Coastal Communities class.

Coastal Community Green Map This is a participatory interactive on-line map of place based stories started in conjunction with SeaChange a local NGO.

Georgia Strait Alliance Community Green Map Another similar on-line map of place based stories,projects and resources by the Georgia Strait Alliance.

GEOG 453/491 - Tools for Advanced Level Geography Course Projects (2008)

Synopsis: Professors Canessa and Burnett hoped for supports for teaching Coastal and Marine Resources II (453) and Indigenous Geographies (491) respectively. In past terms, students have conducted participatory mapping exercises as part of their final projects.

GEOG 328/9 Lab X: TLC Covenants Lab (2008)

GEOG 328/9 Lab X: TLC Covenants Lab

Introduction: In this lab you will explore a geodatabase and add data to it. The context of the lab is to import point and vector data into a conservation covenant database for a local Conservation Non-Governmental Organization.

Skills: The skills you learn in this lab will be useful in the following application areas: 1. Conservation 2. Sustainable Forest Planning 3. Rural Development & Planning 4. Urban Planning


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