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Peninsula Parks & Play Spaces (2007)


“Rediscovering places to play on the Saanich peninsula”

The Peninsula Parks and Play Spaces Project is an initiative to increase awareness and use of parks and play spaces as local resources that can help foster the healthy development of young children (0-6 years) and their families. The project has two phases—community involvement processes that will result in development of an informational map of the parks and play spaces on the Saanich Peninsula and “Play Days in the Parks” scheduled for spring 2007.

Neighbourhood Workshop Series (2007)

This series of free workshops was presented by the City of Victoria, in conjunction with the University of Victoria, LifeCycles and Vancity

#1. Neighborhood Mapping and Planning

Monday, January 29, 7 pm – 9 pm City Hall Ante Chambers, #1 Centennial Square
Gathering neighborhood assets and visions: Learn about
community vision and mapping projects in the City and CRD region. Share
your own ideas, about how best to reach your neighbours to create a
more vibrant neighborhood, and how to involve people in the planning

Hillside Quadra Community Green Map (2003)

One of the community green maps that accompany the regional green map, the Hillside Quadra Community Map highlights social and ecological assets in this Victoria neighbourhood.

The first edition of the HQCM was published in May, 2003 by GroundWorks in association with the Promoting Action Toward Health (PATH) project. A new edition will be published in 2005, highlighting greenways in the neighbourhood.

Fernwood Fruit Tree Project (2007)

Starting in the summer of 2007, Fernwood Fruit Tree Project participants will harvest fruit and berries from trees and bushes in our community that would otherwise go to waste. The food will be distributed equally amongst home owners, volunteers, food banks and community organisations.

This project is part of the Fernwood NRG Harvest Project, a project that promotes local food sustainability. We will be putting on canning, preserving and drying workshops in the fall of 2007 so community members can enjoy local food all year round.


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