Dragon Dictation App

A free web app useful for dictating notes into your phone or tablet.

Available from the App Store:


Tips for use:

  • Free version only records for 60 seconds before it automatically stops recording. Be sure to pay attention to see if recording has stopped.
  • check transcription for accuracy often, to ensure you know what may need to be corrected
  • Support: http://www.nuancemobilelife.com/support/usa/engusa/dragon-dictation
  • Double-tap to move cursor within text
  • WiFi or internet connection are needed as text is sent online
  • Voice profile is adapted over time - if new user, use Reset Enrolment, though this will delete the original voice profile
  • Toggle keyboard to make some changes in text or formatting
  • Toolbar: email, copy > paste into Evernote app, 


Voice Format Commands

  • comma, period, question mark, new line, new paragraph
  • open quote [pause before continuing] ... [pause after text] close quote 



Associated Projects: