Hillside Quadra Community Green Map (2003)

One of the community green maps that accompany the regional green map, the Hillside Quadra Community Map highlights social and ecological assets in this Victoria neighbourhood.

The first edition of the HQCM was published in May, 2003 by GroundWorks in association with the Promoting Action Toward Health (PATH) project. A new edition will be published in 2005, highlighting greenways in the neighbourhood.

Cowichan Valley Community Green Map (2009)

The Cowichan Valley Land Trust (CVLT) is creating a Green Map. The Community Mapping Collaboratory has been helping out with advice and instruction. Maeve Lydon, Ken Josephson and Charles Burnett gave a one-day workshop in November 2008 in Duncan, Charles followed up with a 1-day technical workshop in February 2009 and Ken with two workshops in July and September.


The following digital and print community maps were produced as part of several community engagement processes, either facilitated or initiatied by the Common Ground Community Mapping Project with UVic and, later, the Community Mapping Collaboratory (CMC).


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