Photos of Creatures of Habitat Map Icons (2009)




Tuesday, June 9, 2009 - 3:00pm

ASSOCIATED EVENT: Creatures of Habitat After hours of data input, matching post-it notes with numbered icons, Judith, along with volunteers Wendy, Kimia & others, have almost completed transferring the data. Although some post-it notes still need to be matched with numbered icons, a few post-it notes have no numbers, only obscure place-references, and many icons are not numbered, & may have actually been misplaced during the map transferring process.

Wendy took some photographs of the remaining icons, in case Judith needs them for future reference. (Click small images for larger, closeup view)

Judith Arney - Almost Finished - 9 Jun 2009



Sidney - Closeup


Brentwood Bay - Closeup

Mt Newton X-Roads - Closeup

Saanichton - Closeup


Elk & Beaver Lake - Closeup



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