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Welcome to the Cascadia Sustainability Experience  

Each summer the Cascadia Sustainability Field School provides UVic students an opportunity to travel down the coast and learn about the inspiring efforts towards social justice and environmental sustainability in our region. The Cascadia Sustainability Experience evolved out of the students' and instructors' desire to share experiences and insights from the field. On the trips we have shot hundreds of hours of video trying to capture the stories, insights and hands-on efforts of the amazing, creative people in our region making a difference. The videos on this site are offered in a spirit of giving back to the community; to inspire - to teach - to cultivate new ways of living in this region!

Videos that give you a taste of the field school experience:

The 2012 field school experience produced by UVic Geography student Malcolm MacLean.


The 2013 field school experience produced by UVic Geography student Paige Erickson-McGee.


Videos that highlight some of the inspiring folks we met en route:

Everyone has a right 2 dream: Social (in)justice in America's greenest city

As part of the Cascadia Sustainability Experience Video Series, "Everyone has a right 2 dream" features our 2012 field school's visit to the Right 2 Dream 2 camp in Portland, OR. Ahmed graciously shows us around the site and leaves us with troubling questions about social justice in America's greenest city. 


Are we Prepared for the Big One? A chat with Pat Corcoran, OSU hazards specialist, Seaside, OR (May, 2012)

This video, produced by UVic student Britt McLeod, explores the prospects of a Cascadia mega-thrust earthquake and tsunami and what is being done (or not being done) to prepare for such an event. Pat's talk was delivered to the 2012 field school at the hostel in Seaside, OR. No one had a very good sleep that night. 


The City is the Classroom: Preparing Students for the New Economy by Duane Elverum, City Studio, Vancouver (May 19, 2013)

As part of the Cascadia Sustainability Experience Video Series, Duane Elverum talks about City Studio, a local hub of learning and leadership where students design and implement sustainability solutions. Duane's talk provides insights into the gaps in contemporary education as our cities grapple with pressing social and ecological issues.He points to a new kind of integrative education responding to student's concerns that they want to make a living and save the planet - and that university is not preparing them for this.


Consumerism & Communication: A Behind the Scenes Discussion with Allison Cook from the Story of Stuff Project (June 3, 2013)

This video produced by UVic student Arden Mathieson captures the insights of Allison Cook, Communications Director for the Story of Stuff. It provides a behind-the-scenes look at the popular video series that has inspired rethinking consumption, waste and toxics in our society. Meeting us in a park in Berkeley, CA, Allison provided insights into the popular yet elusive concept of sustainability and the barriers and opportunities for bringing about communities based on justice rather than consumerism. 


2013 Cascadia Sustainability Field School Blog

A group of UVic geography students traveled down the coast from Victoria, BC to San Francisco, CA. En route we met up with community groups, First Nations, planners, academics and others grappling with the pressing social, ecological, economic and cultural challenges in our region. This blog shares our reflections - what we learned about the challenges and opportunities for sustainable community development and ultimately what we learned about ourselves through this adventure.

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