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In fall 2017 the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) approved the Agricultural Reclamation and Drainage Plan for the Sandown site in the District of North Saanich.

As described on the District on North Saanich website:

"Subdivision approval was granted creating the 3 parcels, which make up the 12-acre commercial site and the 83-acre agricultural parcel. The transfer of the 83 acres to District ownership, the inclusion of the District’s own 12.05-acre adjacent parcel to the west, and the exclusion of the 12-acre commercial portion is now complete.

Springbank Clover

Springbank Clover 

Common Name: 

Springbank Clover

Scientific Name: 

Trifolium wormskjoldiiLehm

Indigenous Name(s): 

Perennial clover, Wild clover, Marsh clover, Cows clover, Coast clover Springbank clover root – First Nation’s Names (Nancy Turner, personal communication):

Tlingit: tséit (“wild tubers”) (Thornton)

Haida (Massett, Alaska): ? xil laabs (M)

Licorice Fern

polypodium glycyrrhiza

Other names.

Polypodium glycyrrhiza

St'uselóye (Halq'emeylem)


Licorice fern is a small, evergreen fern that grows on mossy rocks, ground and logs as well as on big-leaf maple tree trunks as single leaves from long, scaly rhizomes. Licorice fern is Lanceolate, 10-60 cm long, 2-15 cm wide, pinnatifid with sharp deep incisions and elongated pointed segments with toothed margins; rachis with rusty hairs on upper surface in the top one third.

Distribution and Habitat.


Common Name(s): Kinnikinnick, Common Bearberry, Crowberry, Mountain Cranberry, Foxberry, Mealberry

Scientific Name: Arctostaphylos uva-ursi

First Nations Name: Kinnikinnik (Alqonquian)

Family: Ericaceae 


Red Elderberry

Common Names:

Coastal Red Elder, Red Elderberry

First Nations Names:

Upriver Halkomelem: sth’iwuq’ (fruit), sth’iwuq’ulhp (shrub)

Downriver Halkomelem: th’iwuq’ (fruit), th’iwuq’ulhp (shrub)

Island Halkomelem: th’iwuq’ (fruit)


Family: Sambucus

Grand Fir

Common name

Grand Fir


Latin name

Abies grandis


Hulkemel’em name






–      S a l a l   –

Salal plant

Common Name(s):


Scientific Name(s):

Gaultheria shallon


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