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SeaChange AGM (2016)


Saturday, April 16, 2016 - 3:00pm

After restoration volunteers helped plant and mulch rooted Black Cottonwood tree-whips at Tod Inlet / SṈIDȻEȽ, the SeaChange AGM was held outside, for the first time, accompanied by a feast of BBQ salmon & clams. The AGM was followed by a walk-about, touring the recent restoration and Himalayan blackberry removal locations, viewing from the dock the efforts at eel grass restoration, and at one of the forest restoration sites learned how to inoculate forest soil with friendly bacteria from compost tea.

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OCBR Partnership

The Mapping Centre has a strategic Partnership with UVic Office of Community Based Research, now called Institute for Studies and Innovation in Community University Engagement (ISICUE). 

We participate in the yearly OCBR/ISICUE Summer Institute.

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