Green Map

Highlands District Community Green Map (2009)

Update 21 June 2009: The Highlands community came together to celebrate the Map! (see Event below).

Update 17 May 2009: The printed maps have arrived at UVic Geography and will soon be delivered to Highlands residents.

Update 30 October 2008: Printing - We are doing the final revisions to the Highlands Green Map and it goes to the printer next week! We will post a picture of the map soon.

== A year of events, steering committee meetings and design meetings...==

Oak Bay Community Green Map (2012)

Countless residents of Oak Bay collaborated over the past six years to produce, fund and print the Oak Bay Community Green Map.

The idea of Oak Bay’s own Green Map was envisioned around the time Councillor Pam Copley and Jill Croft attended a Green Mapping Course at Royal Roads. The first of many community outreaches was held at Oak Bay’s Centennial Celebration at Windsor Park in 2006.

Peninsula Parks & Play Spaces (2007)


“Rediscovering places to play on the Saanich peninsula”

The Peninsula Parks and Play Spaces Project is an initiative to increase awareness and use of parks and play spaces as local resources that can help foster the healthy development of young children (0-6 years) and their families. The project has two phases—community involvement processes that will result in development of an informational map of the parks and play spaces on the Saanich Peninsula and “Play Days in the Parks” scheduled for spring 2007.

Hillside Quadra Community Green Map (2003)

One of the community green maps that accompany the regional green map, the Hillside Quadra Community Map highlights social and ecological assets in this Victoria neighbourhood.

The first edition of the HQCM was published in May, 2003 by GroundWorks in association with the Promoting Action Toward Health (PATH) project. A new edition will be published in 2005, highlighting greenways in the neighbourhood.


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