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Community Mosaic Project

Project Description:
Organize Mosaic Panels work details for the Creation, & Installation in SSMB Lobby, of a series of rectangular wood panels, filled with an artistic combination of concrete castings of plant material, student, faculty & staff hand, foot & face prints, & clay cylinders created from building excavation & fired by different methods.

Highlands District Community Green Map (2009)

Update 21 June 2009: The Highlands community came together to celebrate the Map! (see Event below).

Update 17 May 2009: The printed maps have arrived at UVic Geography and will soon be delivered to Highlands residents.

Update 30 October 2008: Printing - We are doing the final revisions to the Highlands Green Map and it goes to the printer next week! We will post a picture of the map soon.

== A year of events, steering committee meetings and design meetings...==


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