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What is the Georgia Strait Community Map?

Our map of the Georgia Strait and it's adjoining waters represents, visually, the life and ecology of the strait, the predominant human uses and how we interact with and impact the environment. Identifying these sites allows us to share an appreciation for our assets and leads to an understanding of what supports and threatens them.

What kind of information
 is being mapped­?

There are currently over 400 sites identified including: 

• environmental and stewardship organizations and the projects they have underway,

• relevant government agencies and their initiatives,

• significant landmarks such as estuaries and important habitat areas,

• lighthouses, sewage outfalls, fish farms, marinas and pump-out stations,

• opinions and ideas from the community,

• links to scientific and citizen research, & environmental education.

How does mapping help the environment and your community?

By identifying sites on a map we are able to see the relationships between topics and concerns, what is currently being done and what needs to be done in the way of environmental protection. The goal is to use the information collected on the map to influence community decision making and planning, identify areas of public concern and to be a tool for education.

Why should you get involved?

By participating in the community mapping process you will be part of an international movement to connect people and places, to influence government and to make positive changes. You will learn about the issues we face and what you can do to help in your community. You will be introduced to the mapping world through University of Victoria Mapping Initiative and Green Maps.

Have a voice in the future of your community, inspire others with your ideas,

and see what others are saying.

Photo by Alexandra Morton

We thank the RBC Foundation and the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Development Agreement for their financial support of this project.





Photo by Alexandra Morton


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